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3 Popular Fixes for Bathroom Remodeling in Main Line PA Homes

bathroom remodeling Main Line white themed bathroom with walk in shower and dark cabinetsBathrooms are excellent targets for makeovers and are often the first place homeowners look when considering home remodels. After all, this area is called “the throne room.” Bathrooms are a type of sanctuary; they are the places where most of us prepare for the coming day and where we unwind before slipping under the covers. Plus, choices for fixes and style abound! Just take a look at the following popular options for bathroom remodeling Main Line area residents absolutely love:

3 Popular Options for Bathroom Remodeling Main Line Residents Love


Arguably the fastest way to change the look and feel of any room is with creative lighting changes. Especially in bathrooms which typically lack full windows for natural light. Good options here are wall sconces for a warmer feel or hanging lights for either a more modern or dramatic look depending on style. Recessed shower lights are also ideal for better accessibility and mood lighting. During this type of upgrade, homeowners should consider investing in energy-saving LED bulbs.


Full bump-out bathroom additions are a top choice among bathroom remodeling Main Line residents because of a desire for more space… just for a more spacious feel or to enable the addition of luxury items, like walk in showers or Jacuzzi tubs. Bathrooms, particularly half-baths, are notorious for having insufficient storage options. During a bathroom remodel of your Main Line home is a great time to fix this issue by adding in all that storage you want. Many attractive and discreet storage options exist today, so you can add to the beauty of the space. Working with a professional from Mazzi Contractors will help ensure you get the best looking custom cabinets at the best price.

Loose Ends

If you have a sink that seems to leak every third Tuesday, a set of annoyingly loose tiles, or a tub that belongs in a junkyard, then a bathroom remodel is the perfect excuse to set about fixing up these loose ends. Such repairs are particularly important for areas prone to leaking as, if left alone, even minor water leaks can lead to massive mold headaches. Use a remodel as an excuse to replace tiles with new custom tiling and upgrade those old household features. For homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home, consider installing a tankless or demand-type water heater, low flow showerhead, and/or dual-flush toilet.

Call Mazzi Contractors for Skilled Bathroom Remodeling in Main Line PA and Surrounding Communities

Residents have a whole host of options available for bathroom remodeling in Main Line PA. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with an expert about the design and possibilities for your home, contact Mazzi Contractors today. We are your Main Line home design, construction, and remodeling professionals.



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