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5 Areas of Home Remodeling on the Main Line That Are Best Left to Contractors

When it comes to DIY home remodeling on the Main Line of Philadelphia, homeowners sometimes bite off more than they can chew with certain projects. These areas are often best left to professionals, such as the experienced team at Mazzi Contractors.

Home RemodelingCarpentry

Woodworking projects often require special tools and experience for proper completion in a timely fashion. While the average homeowner may have the tools and time needed to complete a bookshelf or other small projects, some larger projects are best left to professionals. Professionals have the specialized tools and know-how to complete the more complex projects, and will save homeowners frustration with little to no delays. Best of all, the experts at Mazzi Contractors stand behind their work with a one-year workmanship guarantee.


Stonework is one of those pesky aspects of home remodeling in the Main Line area that can appear to be simple, but in actuality can become complicated and dangerous to those with little experience. A lot of skill — which takes years to acquire — goes into beautiful masonry work. With over 30 years of experience, Mazzi Contractors has the skills needed to complete stonework projects that add value to the home.


Hanging wallpaper is truly an art form that is unforgiving of mistakes. In fact, even a small mistake on a single panel can mess up the entire project, and waste a lot of money in the process. To avoid the risk of uneven seams, trapped bubbles, or peeling corners, it is best to hire experienced professionals for your wallpaper project.


Tile work requires the ability to see the whole picture and break it down into smaller parts, very much like a jigsaw puzzle. If the tiles are misaligned, the grout lines will look skewed, and the edges will have a haphazard feel to them. Also, when installed incorrectly, tile floors can crack and break in just a year or less. Experience is the key to beautiful custom tile work.


Painting is one aspect of home remodeling that Main Line homeowners tend to want to take on themselves. However, unless you have the right tools and skills, you might want to consider hiring a professional. Painting takes a lot of detailed prep work that requires proper tools. Homeowners should also consider ladder safety and if the walls are very old, even the danger of lead exposure from removing old paint.  Mazzi Contractors has the tools and skills to safely paint, giving you a beautiful new living space as well as peace of mind.

For more information about home remodeling in Main Line, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas or to request your free quote, please contact the experts at Mazzi Contractors today!

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