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Avoid Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes – Renovating Your Main Line Philadelphia Home

Avoid Kitchen Remodeling MistakesHaving a full kitchen remodeling project done in the Main Line Philadelphia area is an exciting prospect – but a lot can potentially go wrong. Nearly all the time, the solution is simply to be smart about pre-planning the job. Thinking ahead can help you avoid many of the common problems that occur during and after a kitchen remodeling project. 

Common Mistakes We See in Main Line Kitchen Remodeling Jobs

Too Much Stainless Steel

Everyone loves the look of stainless steel… until they realize how much cleaning it needs.  Stainless steel shows grime and fingerprints more readily than most other kitchen materials, and therefore requires constant attention to stay pristine. In addition, a kitchen can seem like a sterile room with too much stainless steel, so consider some mixed mediums.

Reconfiguring the Plumbing

We recommend that you lay out your new kitchen using the existing pipes and drains. Re-tooling a kitchen’s plumbing is an enormous and expensive job which can sometimes even require changes to plumbing in other rooms to make it all work. Such efforts are probably more trouble (and money) than they are worth unless the house has serious plumbing problems already.

Skipping Electrical

Trying to renovate a mid-century home into a modern high-tech smart kitchen? First, make sure that smart kitchen will fit in with the rest of your home. Then plan ahead for every appliance and gadget, and be aware of how much power each will require-then plan for more than you need. You will want to have electrical contractors weigh in and figure out where you need more electrical capacity. The contractor can also add outlets or breaker box expansions to meet your requirements.

Being Timid

Some homeowners are afraid to do anything interesting with their kitchen, because they fear harming its resale potential. So, some homeowners end up with an all-beige or all-white kitchen, when they really want a standout space. One option is to have a relatively conservative basic design and layout, then use easily-replaceable elements such as seating, paint and light fixtures to add style and color. Such a kitchen can be easily updated to remain trendy for decades to come.

Delegating Too Much Responsibility to the Contractor

We blame “home makeover” TV shows for this misconception. A lot of homeowners want to believe that they can hire a contractor, then go on vacation for a week or two and come home to their dream kitchen. The problem is, the contractors’ idea of a dream kitchen might be very different.

A smart homeowner has extensive conversations with the contractor, ensuring that workers understand exactly what the expectations are and that the homeowner’s preferences are known. Homeowners also should make sure to be available during the process to make decisions and answer questions as they arise.

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