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Bathroom Remodeling in Wayne – Add Value and Beauty this Spring or Summer with a Walk-in Shower Upgrade by Mazzi Contractors

Bathroom Remodeling in WayneA walk-in shower is a popular choice for bathroom renovations. Wayne bathroom remodeling specialists, Mazzi Contractors, are skilled at walk-in showers; as with any remodel, planning is the key to a successful transformation. Mazzi Contractors has some recommendations for beginning your walk-in shower project.

Consider the Process and Costs

A walk-in shower is more involved than you may think. Your contractor will need to access plumbing pipes (which means opening or tearing down walls), apply waterproof poly sheeting, use moisture-resistant drywall and add drains, shower pans and more. The costs can be high, but the payoff is also big.

Decide on Design

More walk-in shower design options exist than you can imagine. Begin fine-tuning your vision by going onto the internet for an in-depth search. Gather pictures of looks that you like, and see what will fit into your space and dimensions. Many cities even have showrooms so you can get a good idea of the possibilities. When the time comes to meet with your contractor, you will have a better grasp on what you want.

Get Creative with the Space

When “sizing” your shower for remodeling, make sure to add correct clearance between the shower and other fixtures in the bathroom. Factor in how large you want the shower to be and what features you would like it to have. Think about doorways, entries, and how you will contain the spray. Each facet plays an important part in individualizing your shower, while making sure it has optimal function.

Custom or Prefab

Prefab can be a good thing. People have gotten innovative with walk-in shower kit options, and a prefab shower can offer a more affordable alternative to a custom walk-in shower. The biggest issue you will face is making sure you have the space for a kit. If space is very limited or the shape of the space is irregular, you may require custom design. Otherwise, the choice to go custom or prefab is personal and often determined by budget.

Add Interesting Elements

Do you want more privacy, steam capabilities, or two or more showerheads? The final touches are the most fun. Get creative with tile and glass, and think about future necessities as well. Will you need a grab bar, slip-resistant flooring, easy entry or a bench? How about custom stonework? Travertine and marble add a luxurious feel to a bathroom. Bathroom updates can add incredible value to any home, increasing both personal enjoyment and overall value.

Mazzi Contractors: Wayne Bathroom Remodeling Experts

When you are ready to start your walk-in shower project, let Mazzi Contractors help. The Mazzi Contractors team can walk you through options, and assist you with ideal dimensions, materials and more. Mazzi Contractors also offers low-cost financing on your home improvement projects and bathroom remodeling in Wayne. To find out more about financing and scheduling, contact Mazzi Contractors today at 877-629-9426.

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