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Commercial Construction Experts, Mazzi Contractors, Highlight Their Three Techniques for Construction Project Safety

One of the leading challenges work teams face in completing their construction projects across the country is finishing their work safely and efficiently. There are numerous dangers on every work site and construction teams must understand these inherent dangers with expert knowledge. The team at Mazzi Contractors has spent many years working on commercial construction projects throughout the region, and in this article, their team explains three techniques for assuring commercial construction project safety.

1) Secure Mobile Equipment Before Getting On and Off

The process of getting on and off machines is one of the leading causes of injury to forklift drivers. Mazzi Contractors trains their team to always check their gloves and boots for dirt before climbing on equipment. Their team is also trained to avoid carrying heavy objects while climbing and Mazzi Contractors ensures all grab bars and other safety equipment is within touching distance of teams using mobile work machines.

2) Organize Teams Before Loading and Unloading Equipment

Loading and unloading equipment can be dangerous for teams that are not organized. Machines can roll over and cause significant injuries to team members who are not fully aware of their surroundings. Mazzi Contractors trains their team members to ensure there is enough room to maneuver trailers and machines when working on job sites. They also train them to work in pairs, so that one team member can act as a spotter for the other to ensure that any issues can be avoided. Furthermore, Mazzi Contractors trains their team to act with care when using the handle on compression chain binders as the handle can spring open.

3) Avoid Crowding in the Work Area

A common challenge for working teams is having to deal with additional people within their work site. When a crowd develops in the work area, it can lead to the potential for injury for those who are watching the work taking place. Mazzi Contractors works with teams to ensure they understand the dangers of crowding around team members that are completing construction work. They train their team to only be within a certain distance of the area when they are directly involved in the work taking place. By simply avoiding having too many people in one area, work teams can then cut down on the number of injuries suffered, and allow their teams to focus on the job directly.

Mazzi Contractors has long retained an unparalleled commitment to working safety within each of their residential and commercial projects. To learn more on the company and its exemplary safety record, contact Mazzi Contractors directly at (877) 629-9426.



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