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Commercial Construction Experts, Mazzi Contractors, Now Offering High-End Exterior and Finish Systems (EIFS) Insulation by Parex

Over 30 years of experience in commercial construction projects, Mazzi Contractors uses top-of-the-line materials to achieve outstanding results for your renovation project. They complete projects within a consolidated time frame, have competitive pricing, and produce superior quality end results. Their use of top-quality products also benefits the end result of the project.

One product that Mazzi Contractors has to offer is Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) insulation. These products are made by Parex, which includes the finish coat that give the structure a stucco appearance. There are many different levels of insulation Parex has to offer. The standard EIFS offers base level benefits available through EIFS. This system is energy efficient, lightweight, has versatile design, and economical installation. The range of finishes and color options give an almost unlimited ability for design creativity. 

EIFS insulation

Credit – Parex.com

The Optimum EIFS insulation offers the same benefits as the standard EIFS. However, it also features a premium base coat and adhesive and a premium finish. The use of these components gives EIFS the ability to back this system with an improved warranty and ensures that the building maintains its curb appeal for a longer duration.

Furthermore, EIFS offers WaterMaster drainage systems. Also providing base level benefits of EIFS, this system has a water-resistive barrier and drainage for incidental moisture. This results in an improved level of moisture protection over the classic EIF systems. Stucco wrap water resistive barriers provide drainage, and also act as a water-resistive barrier that is mechanically attached, and this is how moisture protection is achieved.

Also offering the Optimum WaterMaster EIFS, this product has the same features as the regular optimum EIFS insulation, but with the water-resistive component. Optimum WaterMaster EIFS uses a premium base coat and adhesive, as well as a premium finish. This system allows for an improved warranty and ensures a longer duration of curb appeal. The insulation products by Parex are top quality and give the structure a stucco look.

These superior products will allow for maximum protection with insulation. Mazzi Contractors uses top quality brands and products to ensure long-term durability. The Contractors themselves offer warranties from 25 years to life on the work that they complete. They also will work with insurance companies in the event that your construction project becomes damaged due to circumstances beyond your control. They will make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Specializing in both residential and commercial construction, Mazzi Contractors will provide complete satisfaction with your renovation project. They offer affordable financing plans and will work within your budget. They leave the job site neat and tidy so to minimize the project’s impact on the home or workplace. Working within a consolidated time frame, the project will be completed expertly and efficiently. Contact Mazzi Contractors today for your free consultation at (877)-629-9426.



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