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Create More Space in Your Bathroom This Spring with Help from Main Line Bathroom Remodeling Experts, Mazzi Contractors

Main Line Bathroom RemodelingNothing is more exciting than elevating a space with a new look. Revitalizing a cramped bathroom can make a big impact on your home and its value, and Main Line bathroom remodeling experts, Mazzi Contractors, can help you get the job done.

A Balance of Light, Color and Materials

Your dream bathroom begins with the correct combination of light, color and materials. When dealing with a small space, you have to use every tool in the kit to create an area that is both open and functional. While the task is challenging, the outcome is achievable; it is all about the ability to strike a delicate balance. Here are a few steps Mazzi Contractors suggest homeowners take for their Main Line bathroom remodeling projects:

  • Add unobtrusive storage – Use items and ideas that add space rather than large cabinets in a small room. Some examples of ways to add storage are floating shelves, built-ins, shelving or cubbies with baskets and storage ladders.
  • Add multipurpose features – If you have a sink that is part of a cabinet, install a sliding hamper to maximize its function. Stackable baskets and custom built-ins are also excellent ways to minimize clutter, and can act as storage for multiple items. You can even use the top of a built-in to store items you need within reach, while the interior serves to stow things out of sight.
  • Brighten your space – A small room shrinks further with dark colors and poor lighting. When remodeling your bathroom, focus on lighting and incorporate a light, neutral color scheme. Interest and depth can be created with textures, patterns and small, bold pops of color.
  • Incorporate reflective design – One component that can have significant results is your mirror. Already used as a primary tool to add light and space to confined rooms, a mirror is a focal feature for your small bathroom as well. In addition, it can give the illusion of more space.
  • Lighten up physically – In tiny bathrooms, consider removing any bulky pieces and replacing with something more streamlined, yet functional. Doing so could mean removing a tub and going with a glass shower enclosure, or taking out a vanity cabinet and utilizing a pedestal sink instead.

Of course, if you want more than the illusion of space, you can consult with a contractor and plan to physically open up the space and add square footage to your bathroom. The additional space gained from remodeling to enlarge your bathroom can allow luxury bathtubs, double sinks and much needed storage areas. Mazzi Contractors will work with you to find out what you hope to achieve, and then work to bring your vision to life.

Mazzi Contractors has over 35 years assisting Philadelphia’s Main Line and the surrounding communities with their bathroom remodeling projects. Mazzi Contractors is dedicated to making sure you are able to turn your home improvement dreams into reality. When you are ready to refresh your small bathroom this spring, contact Mazzi Contractors at 877-629-9426.



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