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Expert Main Line Roofing Contractor, Mazzi Contractors’ Most Commonly Encountered Roofing Problems

For nearly 35 years, Mazzi Contractors has helped countless customers in Philadelphia’s Main Line area with their roofing repairs and has seen the gamut of problems that can occur. As a trusted roofing contractor on the Main Line, Mazzi Contractors is dedicated to providing timely roofing repairs, and stands behind the quality of work performed.

Roofing ContractorsRoof Punctures

As spring goes into full bloom, activity on the roof tends to increase as homeowners prepare for the warmer weather. The increased activity, as well as springtime rain storms, can potentially lead to punctures in the roofing material. To help prevent this type of damage, Mazzi Contractors suggests that homeowners:

  • Hire service technicians with proven experience working on roofs.
  • Avoid carrying heavy items while walking on the roof.
  • Keep trees trimmed to prevent flying branches and other debris during high winds.
  • Only give roof access to professionals who know how to walk while on roofs to prevent punctures.

The roofing team at Mazzi Contractors, for example, has extensive experience working on roofs, and takes great care to prevent punctures.


Leaking roofs pose major problems for homeowners, particularly when they go undetected or are ignored. Most roofing contractors in Main Line will tell you that leaks can create costly problems, such as mold and structural rot. Therefore, it is imperative that any leak be located and repaired as soon as possible to prevent the need for complete roof replacement and other expensive repairs.

Mazzi Contractors has the knowledge and experience needed to quickly locate leaks and repair them without causing additional damages to the roof. Mazzi Contractors has built strong relationships with top material suppliers so they are able to offer their clients a wide range of roofing products to meet their needs, including environmentally friendly options.

Shingle Blistering

When moisture becomes trapped under loose or poorly installed asphalt shingles, they can blister and allow additional moisture to collect. The moisture can lead to costly repairs and is often left untreated. However, the experts at Mazzi Contractors stand behind the quality of their work and the materials they use to replace blistered shingles before they cause additional damage to the roofs’ structure, such as dry rot or mold growth.

To learn more about the common problems roofing contractors in Main Line often encounter, or for information on how to prevent these problems before they happen, please contact the expert staff at Mazzi Contractors today! With 35 years of experience serving Philadelphia’s Main Line and surrounding areas, Mazzi Contractors has the tools and knowledge to repair your roof quickly and save you time and money.



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