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Fall is a Great Time to Call Siding Contractors in King of Prussia

Siding Contractors in King of PrussiaMany expert siding contractors in King of Prussia agree: when you need new siding, fall is definitely a great time to schedule it.

Siding is a highly popular home improvement project for homeowners. Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive, provides installation, and is pretty low maintenance. Still, like any other outdoor area of your home, siding will becoming scratched and dented and weathered over time. Eventually, your siding may lose efficiency as insulation.

When your siding has run this course, the best option is usually to get new siding installed. Anytime you find a problem is the right time to have new siding installed. If you can plan a best time, right now in the fall is definitely the best time to have it done.

Why Fall Is the Time to Call Siding Contractors in King of Prussia

Prices Are Usually Lower

Spring and summer are the “boom” months for most home improvement projects, with relatively fewer happening in the fall. Siding contractors are always glad for more work, and have less competition for their time.  

Also, for many of the same reasons, building materials tend to be less expensive in the fall. When contractors can buy the materials for less, they can pass those savings on to you. The situation can allow lower prices for customers, as well as faster turnaround times for the work being done.

Summer and Winter Weather can cause Installation Issues

Vinyl siding is deliberately designed to expand in the summer heat, allowing siding to adjust to your house during the hot months. This trait can make installing siding in the summer more difficult. If siding is installed improperly, once temperatures begin to cool the siding may crack. The opposite is true in winter, because the cold makes the siding contract.

Fall has the perfect temperature balance for installation. The siding does need to reach a certain temperature in order to set and seal properly and the fall, though cooler, still reaches high enough temperatures.

Be Ready for Winter Weather

Lost heat during winter can cause your electric bill to be needlessly high, as well as simply waste power. Cracked or degraded siding can be a major contributor. By having your siding replaced in the fall, you will know that you are fully prepared for winter and you may even see a lower electric bill this year.

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