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Go Green with a Sustainable Roof from Mazzi Contractors, One of Wayne’s Leading Roofing Companies

Sustainable or “cool” roofs are one of the most unique and dynamic innovations introduced to the roofing industry. Roofing companies recommend sustainable roofs because they provide business owners with long-term financial and environmental benefits. As the ideal solution for large industrial facilities, high-performance commercial buildings, and institutional facilities, sustainable roofs reduce energy consumption, save money, and save the planet without sacrificing quality. Read more from Mazzi Contractors, a leading Wayne-area roofing company.

Sustainable Roofs Keep You “Cool” and Save Cash

Sustainable roofs have high emissivity values and high reflectivity values, which reduce the amount of heat transferred inside of the building. These innovative roofing solutions are designed to keep your building cooler with less energy to ultimately save you money. The potential energy savings through sustainable roofing solutions could easily exceed 700 trillion Btu every year. In addition to saving money, you can expect a higher level of productivity for anyone who occupies the building.

Sustainable Roofs Are Green

Traditional roofing materials account for a staggering 40 million tons, or 5 percent of all of the solid waste created in the U.S. on an annual basis. However, many roofing companies such as Mazzi Contractors, that install sustainable roofs have a fraction of the scrap left over. Instead of taking the scraps to landfills, roofing companies will simply recycle the leftovers back into the production process. Even after a rooftop has reached the end of its life, the remnants are recyclable. Due to the lightweight nature of sustainable roofs, less fuel is used to transport the roof material to the job site.

Go Solar with Sustainable Roofs

In addition to saving energy, sustainable roofs can easily be converted into solar roofs that actually produce energy. These roofs are designed to accommodate most of today’s photovoltaic equipment. Best of all, these avant-garde roofing solutions feature green roof membranes; this allows you to grow native plants to minimize impact on local ecology. As an added bonus to the environment, sustainable roofs help mitigate the heat-island effect in urban areas, which reduces global warming and air pollution.

Bolster Water Conservation Efforts

Sustainable roofs feature a comprehensive storm water retention system to provide irrigation for the entire building site. Water can be used for water conservation efforts, landscaping, or any other building-related needs. Your sustainable roof will essentially reduce your reliance and the demand on municipal water sources.

Sustainable roofs are one of the most significant advancements made in the roofing industry over the last century. Contact Mazzi Contractors today at 877-629-9426 to learn more about sustainable roofing solutions and installation options.

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