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Home Improvement in Wayne – Creative Ways to Use a Fireplace to Transform Your Home

Adding and accessorizing your fireplace is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the level of comfort in your home. A fireplace instantly attracts the attention of visitors and can be the dynamic focal point of your decor. The following information explains a few unique Wayne home improvement tips to get the most out of your indoor fireplace this winter and next.  

Stone-Built Fireplace

One of the top fireplace home improvement solutions is to surround it with stone. The stones should meet the ceiling to create a dramatic statement, and accentuate the inviting character of the space. You can also use wood and stone to create dynamic contrasts for a feng shui design. With the wide array of stone types, sizes, colors, and shapes available, you can customize your fireplace any way you choose.

Create Your Own Suite

With your fireplace home improvement project in Wayne, it is vital to think outside the box. Most people think of a fireplace as an exclusive living room, den, or family room installation. However, placing a fireplace between your master bedroom and bathroom is an instant way to create warmth. This modern use of a fireplace creates a cozy and intimate feel in the space.

New Takes on Traditional Fireplaces

You can take a traditional fireplace and spruce it up. Accentuate the room by hanging a large wall-mounted flat screen TV above the fireplace. Make sure the TV has a dark-frame. Then use an attractive dark fireplace surround and a matching charcoal-painted chimney breast; this design will add a modern and sleek appeal to the space. (Otherwise, it can be a challenge to make the “TV-above-the-fireplace” look aesthetically-fitting with the rest of the room).

Crown Jewel of the Home

Another great home improvement idea is to install iridescent glass mosaic tiles to the fireplace hearth. This unique idea will make your fireplace the glimmering crown jewel of your home. After the iridescent tiles have been placed, you can further accessorize the fireplace mantel with coordinating family photographs.

Unconventional Indoor Camp

When it is too cold to camp outside, simply use a little innovation to get warm and cozy inside. Install a few seats in a circular arrangement by the fireplace. Then grab a bag of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make campfire s’mores. You can swap stories, share laughs, and make the most of this intimate family time.

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