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Kitchen Remodeling in King of Prussia – Mazzi Contractors Discusses 5 Kitchen Countertop Materials

Kitchen RemodelingKitchen remodels can add value to your home, and transform your space into one that is more functional and appealing. One element that often stumps homeowners during the process is selecting a countertop material. With a multitude of choices, each with its own pros and cons, knowing which is best for your house and lifestyle can be tough.

Choosing the Right Countertops for You

Choosing the right kitchen countertops for your home depends on numerous factors. Some of the things you should think about as a homeowner are:

  • Budget – Many materials are available in a range of costs. Once you have settled on your budget, learn the various costs and talk with your contractor. Local specials may allow you to upgrade.
  • Lifestyle –Take into consideration how often you use the space, and what you use it for. A budding gourmet chef may want to invest in quartz, while someone who entertains often might prefer marble for aesthetics.
  • Interior Design – Your countertop material should reflect the overall tone of the home. Luckily, a huge range of styles and colors is available for kitchen countertops and you will find that many of them will work well with your home’s style.

The King of Prussia kitchen remodeling experts at Mazzi Contractors have worked with numerous countertop materials. Last month, Mazzi Contractors discussed 5 popular materials for countertops and below are 5 more to help you make the right choice for your King of Prussia kitchen remodeling project.

Marble Kitchen RemodelingMarble

Marble is a very popular choice among buyers because it has a classic elegance and adds an air of luxury. One great advantage of marble is the large variety of colors and patterns you can choose from. Though marble is susceptible to staining, the color variations of the stone can hide stains and wear, while still maintaining its high-end look. Cleaning marble requires only water; even some mild cleaners can cause damage.

Marble also requires regular maintenance and sealing to protect against staining, and spills need to be wiped up right away. Many homeowners opt for a honed marble finish as it will help hide any etching that may occur due to acidic liquid spills (citrus juice or spaghetti sauce).


A great option for its durability, soapstone is nonporous and highly stain and bacteria resistant – for this reason soapstone is often used in laboratories. Soapstone is also heat resistant—you can even put hot pans on it without causing damage! Another great feature of this countertop is that it offers easy maintenance. Mild cleaners can be used and regular applications of mineral oil are recommended to protect from scratches. If the surface does acquire scratches, they can be removed with sandpaper.

Soapstone can be more expensive than some other countertops and the color choices are limited. In addition, though soapstone is durable, its relative softness (coming from its talc composition) allows the edges to wear over time. Although many prize the worn-in look, others prefer their countertops to maintain a “new” look.

Kitchen RemodelingWood

Wood countertops add a very warm feel to any kitchen and are available in a variety of finishes. These countertops are excellent for food prep (you can have a butcher block option!) and are heat resistant. Aside from the functional advantages, wood countertops are budget-friendly, and you can refinish many wood countertops if needed.

As with all wood, these countertops do require proper sealing and treating. Wood countertops are prone to water stains and damage, as well as scratches and dents. A very hot pan could singe the wood without proper precautions.


Glass countertops add a contemporary, streamlined and sleek look to a kitchen. If customization is high on your list, glass countertops can basically be cut into any shape you want and the color options are endless. Tempered glass is heat and stain-resistant, and is one of the most hygienic options for countertops. The tempered glass also requires no sealing.

One downside of glass is that fingerprints, dirt and other substances will be extremely noticeable so wiping can be constantly needed. Durability can also be can also be an issue as glass can break or chip. Tempered glass is best, and while it is available in thicknesses from 1/3 inch to 3 inch, at least 1 inch is recommended. The cost of glass countertops, though worth it to many for the myriad possibilities it presents, can be as the same or higher than granite.


A very elegant and old-fashioned choice, a zinc countertop is a great option for those looking for a clean kitchen; zinc naturally resists bacteria, mold and mildew. Another great advantage of zinc is stain resistance. Unlike some porous surfaces such as stone, zinc countertops can take normal spills without staining.

Zinc is another countertop option that changes color over time. It is pale gray when new, and takes on a green or blue tint as it ages. Zinc is prone to scratches because it is fairly soft and malleable, but these marks can be buffed out. Zinc is also susceptible to heat, so avoid placing hot pans right out of the oven onto the surface or discoloration can occur.

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