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Kitchen Remodeling in Wayne – Change Your Cabinets to Change Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling in Wayne - Kitchen area with light colored new cabinetryAre you thinking about a kitchen facelift for your home? One of the secrets we have learned about kitchen remodeling in Wayne is that the look of your kitchen can change drastically simply by changing your cabinets!

Cabinets are highly versatile. Cabinets can change the look of a room just by changing the color, or completely alter a kitchen’s functionality by changing the shape of the room.

For those considering kitchen remodeling in Wayne, the team at Mazzi Contractors has some tips for choosing new cabinets for a new look.

How to Pick the Best Cabinets to Revamp Your Kitchen

Do You Want a New Design?

Are you happy with the way your kitchen currently flows, or are you thinking about changing how people move around your kitchen? You can cheaply and effectively re-shape your kitchen simply by changing the location of the cabinets.  

For example, if your kitchen and dining areas are currently connected directly, you could create a divider between them utilizing cabinets. Creating this “wall” wall would make each space feel more distinct, and would still allow easy movement back and forth. Are you happy with the current layout? Think about styles and colors instead of a new design.

What Cabinet Materials Do You Want?

The material the cabinets are made of is what determines a lot of the “feel” of your kitchen. Traditional wood types create a more homey or classical feel. Metal makes a kitchen feel modernized and high-tech. Another option would be using sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood or recycled plastics. Such materials can often look just as nice as other alternatives, while giving you a much more eco-friendly home.

Re-facing is also a possibility, if you are already happy with the general feel of your cabinets. A new paint job or new metal facing changes nothing about functionality, but still allows you to create a new look for your kitchen.

Are Semi-Custom Cabinets an Option?

For those who would like a distinctive and personalized kitchen look, but lack the budget for full custom work, consider semi-custom cabinets. Semi-customs begin with basic “stock” elements like the doors and drawers. However, elements such as the handle style, carvings, and drawer depth can be customized for your needs.

Semi-custom cabinets are a perfect compromise for many people, since they are distinctive, yet cheaper than truly custom cabinetry.

For Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Wayne, Contact Mazzi Contractors

At Mazzi Contractors, we have provided great home remodeling services to the Delaware Valley area for over thirty years. Our experienced team can give your kitchen a completely new look, based on your specifications.

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