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Main Line Area Bathroom Remodeling Experts Mazzi Contractors Offer Three Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Many Main Line area homeowners are looking for ways to create a more appealing and warm bathroom for the holiday season and in general. Mazzi Contractors has over 35 years of experience with bathroom remodeling renovation projects and are trusted experts in the King of Prussia, Wayne and Main Line Area. In this article, the contractors outline three ways you can spruce up your bathroom, and then also include a similar, but more affordable option that can have almost as great of an impact.

  1. Install a New Toilet

Toilets lose functionality over time and the seat can peel and crack. Homes with older plumbing need to ensure that their home is up-to-code and new toilets and plumbing work is sometimes necessary. Mazzi Contractors will provide your home with up-to-date plumbing and/or a higher functioning toilet system.

A more affordable option: Installing a new toilet seat can spruce up the toilet area and be incredibly simple and affordable.

  1. Update the Sink with a Modern Variety

A new sink or vanity area in the bathroom also adds greater aesthetic appeal. There are many new market options that Mazzi offers. One example of a family-oriented bathroom remodeling update is installing a trough-style sink, which is a style that is typically situated lower to the floor, and caters more to children. Installing double-sinks is great for a family home also, especially during the holiday season when guests are more frequent.

A more affordable option: Install an elegant new faucet on your sink; this can usually be completed for $100 or less.

  1. Update the Shower

Installing a new shower or tub entirely will also enhance the bathroom. There are many new options to cater to every budget and bathroom size. Mazzi Contractors will incorporate their ideas with your own to reach the ideal design plan for your bathroom.

A more affordable option: Homeowners might consider upgrading the shower head to a multifunctional system or a rainfall shower system in order to provide an additional luxurious appeal to the bathroom and home overall.

A new shower curtain and/or curtain rods can be used to add style to the bathroom without being asignificantexpenditure.

Main Line area-based Mazzi Contractors are available to answer all questions on the latest bathroom renovation manufacturers and trends. To learn more, please contact their offices at (877) 629-9426.



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