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Mazzi Contractors Advises Wayne-Area Homeowners on Which Home Improvement Projects to Plan for This Summer

Although the current weather may not inspire you to consider home improvement projects, winter is actually a great time to start planning for renovation and remodeling projects for the spring and summer. The more you can accomplish prior to your project’s start date, the smoother the process will most likely be.

Good Weather Projects

Some Wayne-area homeowners enjoy tackling certain projects during the winter months. And there are some projects that can be completed this time of year. These typically include interior remodels for the kitchen and bathroom. Others, like roofs, siding, decks and windows are better done when the weather is more stable and warm. If roofing, siding, deck projects are attempted in the winter months, your project may run into inclement weather delays and extra costs to keep exposed areas safe from the elements. However, Mazzi Contractors encourages homeowners to use the winter months to plan for these types of summer projects.

Decks Home Improvement Wayne







Planning Ahead for your Spring/Summer Wayne-Area Home Improvement Projects

Take some simple steps when planning your home improvement project:

  • Decide your design – Approach the design process by asking yourself what you want the outcome to be. You will want to look at what others have done, research materials and sketch out ideas. You can learn a lot from others. Once you have decided what you want, look at how the process went for other people, and what pitfalls may exist. The internet is a wealth of information. Mazzi Contractors will incorporate your ideas into their own and offer free consultations to show you how they can turn your ideas into a reality.
  • Create a budget – The budget is going to be an essential component of your project. You need to know how much you can spend, and if spending that much is worthwhile. Try to factor in unforeseen circumstances. Even the best-laid plans can have some surprises. Decide where the money will come from. Will you apply for a home equity loan? Do you have a home improvement savings? Remember, Mazzi Contractors offers cash discounts and also conveniently affordable financing plans.
  • Get your team together – Contractors book up fast when the weather improves. Make sure to get your team together ahead of time and on the schedule. Talk about your project with your contractor. Listen to their advice and experience. Ask questions about permits, contracts and cost. Get all of the business items out of the way before the start date arrives. Mazzi Contractors works in a consolidated time frame to minimize the impact of the project on the lives of the family or people living in the home.

If you’re ready to start planning your summer home improvement project with Mazzi Contractors, speak with the team directly and call (877) 629-9426.



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