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Mazzi Contractors Recommends 5 Questions Homeowners Should ask a Repair Company before Signing a Work Contract

When contacting a repair company, it is imperative to ask the right questions in order to get the best service possible. Whether homeowners are looking for roofing contractors, glaziers, home remodeling or foundation contractors, there are 5 major questions that should be answered in detail by the repair company before a decision should be made.

Mazzi Contractors, has been providing quality and affordable home improvements from siding, roofing, windows, doors, decking, sunrooms, patio hardscape, fencing, and flooring for over 30 years and know that choosing the wrong contractor can result in sloppy work, expensive future repairs, and other negative surprises. Mazzi Contractors knows what it takes to be a reliable source of home remodelling and repair work and has gained membership into the Better Business Bureau for their commendable work. They suggest asking the following five questions prior to signing a work contract with a repair company:

1. Business History

The first question that should be asked involves the repair company’s previous experience on similar jobs. This is crucial to establishing what people have said about their work and a good company will provide samples and pictures of jobs they have previously worked on. Don’t neglect to ask how many prior years of experience the repair company has been working in the industry.

2. Credentials/Affiliations & Guarantees

Credentials will assure homeowners that others have recognized the skill of the repair company and deem them fit to provide service. Industry affiliations mean that the repair company is always educating themselves on how they can improve their services by learning from others and striving to be the best. In addition, ask each repair company under consideration if they have had satisfied customers that could act as a reference. It is also important to determine whether the company offers any guarantees or warranties, which will reveal how much they care about doing a good job.

3. Work Schedule

It is always important to know when contractors are available. Also ask if the company subcontracts and who will be working on the site on a daily basis. Establish a method of contact before and after hours to ensure a homeowners needs and concerns are addressed.

4. Major Concerns

Homeowners should not be afraid to ask contractors as to what concerns they have on a particular job. In effect, homeowners should also voice their own concerns because if there is a lack of communication, it is unlikely that the repair company will be able to do a good job that is specifically tailored to each homeowner’s personalized and specific needs.

In addition, if a contractor is worried about something going wrong and the inevitable happens, it will not be a surprise for the client. If a contractor does have a concern, ask for their backup plan and what preventative measures they can take to avoid disaster.

5. Estimates

Finally, ask for an approximate estimate of how much the entire project will cost. While estimates allow for some flexibility, property owners will receive fewer surprises when discussing cost up front.

Mazzi Contractors specializes in many areas of home repairs and alterations from flooring, foundation, fencing, and decking. Mazzi is the roofing contractor that can also fix anything around the home. To learn more about the services offered from Mazzi Contractors visit their website at https://www.mazzicontractors.com/ today! Alternatively, contact the professionals directly for any emergency repairs at:


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