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Mazzi Contractors Serves Clients In and Around Wayne, and is Providing Winter Decluttering Tips to Make a Spring Kitchen Remodeling Project Exciting

Decluttering and streamlining your home’s organizational system are excellent ways to beat the winter blues. When all items have a designated location or storage spot, and each spot is optimized for functionality, life in general can become more stress free. Ultimately, you can also save time and energy. Your home can also become a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. While Spring cleaning is of course common, winter is actually another great time for decluttering and organizing your home. You can clear out rooms one-by-one, and when the task is done, look at areas that would benefit from a spring or summer home improvement project, for example, kitchen remodeling.

Steps to Decluttering and Organizing your Home  

You will find there are several approaches to decluttering and organizing a home. No matter the method, most have a common theme. The outcome should always be the same.

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  • Have a place for everything.
  • Periodically check for areas that tend to collect clutter and find the root problem.
  • Continue to throw items away and organize regularly after the initialclean (Set a time frame, such as once a month, where you will go through clutter and any unorganized areas.)

Before you start a big winter cleanup, sketch your approach. Start by going room-by-room, and have a system for getting unnecessary items out of the house right away. After you have plans, follow these steps:

Step 1: Do not shop for storage solutions before organizing. You may have the urge to head to the nearest store that sells organizing solutions, but it is best to wait until after you ha
ve done all the work. You may not need anything.

Step 2: Create three piles; Stay, maybe, go. The “go” should be removed from the house right away. Take it to the dump, donation center or list it for sale. If it does not sell, consider its true value; if it is worth holding onto, or an item that continues to add clutter to your home. Donation may be the best route. The maybe pile can be placed in a box. If you don’t use it or forget about it, get rid of it in a month. Make sure that everything that stays has a home. The item’s home should be near where it’s used most often.

Step 3: Be aware of the emotional process of decluttering. There is no shame in asking yourself questions to help decide if an item should stay or go. Ask if you use it regularly or love it. Are you keeping it out of obligation? Are you saving it just in case? Do you plan on fixing it one day? You should really only keep things you use regularly or truly love.

Step 4: Ditch doubles. If you have too many multiples of a single item, let some go.

If your decluttering uncovers a space that would benefit from a home renovation, upgrade or bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, contact Mazzi Contractors at 877-629-9426.



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