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Mazzi Contractors is a top roofing company located in historic Media, Pennsylvania. Installing a new roof is not a consideration to be taken lightly—whether the client is a first time homebuyer or a property owner looking to make renovations. Adding a new roof can contribute significantly to a property’s value, and revitalize its look. A quality roof installed by Mazzi Contractors can provide savings in energy costs as well, making it a beneficical investment for your property’s future.

Mazzi Contractors utilizes premium roofing products such as GAF and Certain Teed. Both of which hold 25-year warranties. Just like the rest of Mazzi Contractors work, there is a full guarantee on labor. By selecting Mazzi Contractors you will receive the best finished product in Media due to Mazzi Contractor’s use of premium products, trained and certified workers, and environmentally friendly options.

Window Installation in Media

Mazzi Contractors also provides window and siding installation in Media. Top of the line windows, siding and roofing are paramount when protecting a structure from the elements. Mazzi Contractors helps you keep your home or offices looking pristine while also defending them from Mother Nature. Aesthetics and efficiency in a building do not have to be mutually exclusive—with Mazzi Contractors’ line of beautifying products you will earn high marks in both.

Siding Contractors

Mazzi serves as siding contractors to many Media clients. The town of Media dates back to William Penn’s time and was incorporated in 1850. Many of the homes reflect this, with beautiful old-fashioned stone and woodwork. The siding contractors help property owners maintain and restore their facades, or add decorative siding accents. Maintenance and care of these historic structures is critical to preserving the look and feel of Media. Mazzi Contractors can assist with both residential and commercial siding needs and additional construction and upgrades.

Located 12 miles to the west of Philadelphia, Media lies within a short distance from the city proper. Incorporated in 1850, Media is full of history and historic buildings. Mazzi Contractors makes renovations both commercial and residential to all types of buildings in Media.

To learn more about Mazzi’s roofing, windows, and siding installation, or any of there other services, contact their offices today.


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