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What You Need to Know About Window Installation in Wayne, PA

What You Need to Know About Window InstallationAccording to the US Department of Energy, leaks in windows, skylights, and glass doors can account for one-fourth of a household’s energy bills – or even more. Windows which have been in use for several decades, such as in mid-century homes, can be a big energy waster.

Technologies behind window installation in the Wayne area have advanced significantly in recent years, allowing people to have new window installations which bring big energy-saving benefits. Homeowners should be aware of just how big a difference new windows can actually make.

10 Things You Should Know Before Installing Windows in Wayne

  1. The optimal lifespan of a window is only about twenty years. After that, cracks in the sealant, slight shifts in the home’s foundations, and a variety of other factors will all decrease the window’s efficiency.
  2. Skylights are excellent for increasing natural light, as skylights provide more than 30 percent more light than standard vertical windows.
  3. Low emissivity or “Low-E” glass utilizes a thin metallic layer which reflects heat back to its source. Low emissivity can reduce energy costs by up to 25 percent.
  4. Double-pane windows have a small layer of air or gas trapped between the panes, making them excellent insulation for both heat and sound.
  5. Shatterproof glass -which has a sheet of plastic between two glass panes- is an excellent option in areas with high chances of severe weather. Shatterproof glass improves home security and is nearly as energy efficient as Low-E glass.
  6. Need more privacy, such as in a bathroom? Special glass treatments, like ‘frosted’ or ‘bubbled’ prevent direct vision through a window without blocking out light.  
  7. Check the R-Value. The R-Value number, included on nearly all new windows sold, rates its overall energy efficiency: the higher, the better.
  8. Wood is a classic choice for window frames, and is an excellent insulator as well as having a timeless look. However, wood requires extra maintenance\cleaning, and is susceptible to warping over time.
  9. Aluminum is another popular framing choice, being inexpensive and long-lasting with minimum maintenance. Unfortunately, aluminum tends to conduct more heat\cold than other frame types, potentially increasing energy costs.
  10. Vinyl combines high affordability with high energy efficiency and low maintenance. The main issue with vinyl is that its color tends to fade over time.

Get Expert Advice and Service

When shopping for windows, you will find a lot of choices in windows and window frames, with many trade-offs between style, maintenance, price, and efficiency. When you hire the Wayne-area window installation specialists at Mazzi Contractors, we will talk you through each stage of the process to discover the perfect windows to match your needs and budget.

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