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Roof installation… When is the Best Time to Call a Wayne Roofing Contractor?

Roofing Contractors in WayneNo one would dispute that having major roof work done by a roofing contractor in Wayne is a significant undertaking, both in terms of the expense and the potential for disruption while the work is happening.

However, sometimes such jobs are simply unavoidable. The question may beless about whether a roof job needs to be done, but rather when youshould call a Wayne roofing contractor to begin? After all, a roof is one of the most important aspects of a house. A damaged or leaky roof can lead to significant health issues, loss of property value, much higher power bills, and internal home damage.  

The good news for homeowners is that some times of the year are more optimal for having roof work done at reduced prices.  

When is the Best Time for Roof Work in Wayne?

First, in the event you are experiencing significant trouble from a roof, the best time to have it repaired is right now. No matter the time of year, the ongoing and increasing damage from a heavily damaged or leaking roof will outweigh the additional costs from having it repaired during sub-optimal times of the year.  When a homeowner waits, the damage only gets worse.

Should the damage be more minor or merely cosmetic, however, a homeowner has a lot more leeway in when they schedule the repairs. In some cases, the fall and potentially the winter are the best times of year.  Several factors contribute to this:

  • Spring and summer are simply the most popular times of year for doing home renovation work in Wayne. Spring and summer are considered peak season by contractors and, therefore, prices go up. More demand equals higher costs.
  • Material costs are lower in fall/winter as well, for the same reasons. Roofing and tile manufacturers have less demand, so their prices fall.
  • More choices are available in the fall and winter due to the lower demand for Wayne roofing contractors.During peak season, it may be difficult to find contractors with openings.
  • Fall and winter can make installations easier. Roof tiles need to be thermally bonded to the roof, and the wrong temperatures can add time to the installation process.

In short, fall and winter are more of a “buyer’s market” for roofing, while spring and summer are a “seller’s market.”

Have Your Roof Repairs in Wayne Done by the Experts

Mazzi Contractors have extensive experience in roof installation throughout Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware County. Decades of service and more benefits than our competition make us the easy choice for homeowners throughout the area.

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