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Roofing Contractors in Wayne – The Quality of Your Roof Can Significantly Impact Your Home’s Resale Value

Roofing Contractors in WayneSome of the most common questions that roofing contractors in Wayne hear revolve around a home’s resale value. As one of the most important and most visible aspects of a house, the roof is a big contributing factor to a property’s value. 

People consulting with roofing contractors in Wayne often question whether replacing their roof prior to putting their homes on the market would be worthwhile. Roof replacement is a complicated topic, and one that is often best addressed a case-by-case-basis. However, we can offer a general guide to some of the big questions.

Will I Get All My Money Back from a Re-Roofing?

The big question everyone wants to know is: will a homeowner fully recoup their investment if they re-roof prior to selling?

In truth, few home renovations which will earn back 100% of their costs when a home is put up for sale. Due to depreciation, nearly any home renovation will incur some loss when the sale happens. However, with an average 70% recoupment rate, roof repairs fare better than many other home renovations.

How Big a Difference Does the Roof Condition Make?

We said “on average” because the existing condition of your roof is a major factor in whether a re-roofing is advisable. When the damage to your roof is purely cosmetic, the roof repair may cost more than the return value. On the other hand, if your roof has significant damage such as holes and leaks that lower the property value, re-roofing will most likely be necessary.

Basically, the worse the roof currently is, the more helpful re-roofing will be for a home’s sale value.

What Other Reasons Would One Want to Re-Roof?

One other factor should be considered here, which is only indirectly related to resale value: the time it takes for a house to sell.

Since a roof has so much impact on a home’s “curb appeal,” and is so visible to outsiders, a roof can potentially make a big difference to how long the home stays on the market. People driving by will tend to assume a home with a poorly-maintained roof is poorly-maintained on the inside as well. On the other hand, a great roof will add confidence in the overall quality of the property.

So, depending on your situation, replacing your roof could be sensible for the sake of cutting weeks or months off the sale time.

Need Quality Roofing Contractors in Wayne?

With more than thirty years of experience, Mazzi Contractors can answer your questions and tackle all your Wayne roofing needs.  Contact us today!



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