Indoor/Outdoor Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services King of PrussiaMazzi Contractors specializes in home improvement projects–both indoors and outdoors. Our experienced contractors utilize the highest-quality products to construct creative and practical structures. In addition, our warranties show our confidence in both the materials we use and our workmanship. You can rely on Mazzi Contractors toskillfully complete renovations, remodeling, additions, or to construct entirely new homes.

Mazzi Contractors has the resources, knowledge and skill to fulfill custom design projects within the home. Customers seeking custom painting, tile, or cabinetry can count on Mazzi Contractors to interpret their needs into designs that fit their homes, tastes, and needs. These functional installments can provide finishing touches that make your home uniquely “yours.”

Our contractors have a breadth of experience with outdoor home improvements, too. Mazzi Contractors installs decks, including GeoDecks, which are popular due to their low maintenance requirements, beautiful finish, and ability to retain color. Mazzi also helps homeowners enjoy their outdoor space all year long with patio enclosures and sunrooms.

Commercial Construction

Home Improvement Services King of PrussiaMazzi Contractors has all of the necessary resources to complete commercial construction projects in a cost-effective, timely manner. Our contractors’ services to business owners include: general contracting, custom design, new builds, and remodeling. Just as homeowners have benefitted from Mazzi’s home improvements, business owners can also employ our contractors to improve a commercial site’s design elements or ensure that structures are up to the most current building codes. From plumbing, to blueprints, to concrete—Mazzi can provide all commercial contracting needs.

Insurance Claims

Mazzi Contractors negotiates with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure home and business owners get the improvements they deserve. Mazzi offers free home inspections to assess damage from smoke, frozen pipes, hail, water and more. Our contractors can help customers reopen claims to ensure that insurance companies give customers their due benefits at a fair price. Our roofing and siding contractors will help you decide on the best material to fit your cost and taste, then perform installation in a professional and timely manner.

Call Mazzi Contractors for ALL of your Home Improvement Needs

Bring your ideas to life! At Mazzi Contractors, we want our customers to feel that they are receiving the best value, so we work hard for them, keeping worksites clean and organized and responding quickly to homeowner questions. Call Mazzi Contractors today for information or a free consultation about home improvements and all of Mazzi’s available services at (877) 629-9426.


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