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Seven Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling in Wayne

Bathroom Remodeling in Wayne

Bathroom remodeling in Wayne is a great way to give your home a quick upgrade that can boost its value, while providing the homeowner with a personalized oasis. Here are seven tips and ideas for your next bathroom remodeling project from the team at Mazzi Contractors.

  1. Include extra storage in the room, and the shower.

Ample storage options reduce bathroom clutter and keep needed supplies close at hand, such as extra towels or toilet paper. Installing shelving into your shower, for example, lets you store all your bathing products without an overflowing mess.

  1. Replace the underlayment when redoing the flooring. 

Often, the original underlayment will become damaged, either from water and standard use, or when you remove the old flooring. By ripping up the underlayment with the old flooring, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and headache when you install the new floor. 

  1. Use accent tiles to create a personalized space.

Adding accent tilesin the shower, over the vanity, and across the walls, is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a face lift, while adding your personal style into the space. Accent tiles are also a great way to add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic area.

  1. Add space in your shower with a curved shower rod.

Switching the standard straight rod for a curved one can add a surprising amount of room in the shower itself. A curved rod is a great way to inexpensively get more space in a smaller room.

  1. Bathroom Remodeling in WayneUpdate your lighting for style and savings.

When considering bathroom remodeling in Wayne, homeowners can improve their overall energy efficiency by using the latest models with the highest energy ratings, potentially reducing your power bill. Updated lighting fixtures also allow you the chance to add your personality to the space.

  1. Splurge on a new soaking or Jacuzzi tub.

Remodeling projects can get expensive fast, and often, homeowners look for ways to reduce these costs. However, splurging on that dream tub, or a new vanity, can leave you feeling more satisfied with the investment. Consider reducing overall costs in other areas, such as fixtures.

  1. Replace the hardware with personal flair.

The hardware can be one of the quickest, least expensive aspects of the remodeling project. By replacing your older door handles, drawer pulls, and other bits of hardware, you can really let your personality shine through without breaking the bank.

Call Mazzi Contractors for a Great Bathroom Remodeling Experience in Wayne

Mazzi Contractors works hard to make clients happy with the bathroom remodeling experience as well as the end result. To learn more tips for bathroom remodeling in Wayne, or to request a free consultation in the Main Line Philadelphia area, please contact the experts at Mazzi Contractors today.



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