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Wayne Roofing Experts, Mazzi Contractors, Help Homeowners Prepare for Winter Weather

Roofing Contractors in Wayne- Man on a ladder installing roofing tilesKing of Prussia, PA – September, 2016 –The Wayne roofing experts at Mazzi Contractors believe homeowners can never prepare too early for regional snow that can wreak havoc on homes and roofs. Being well-informed about roof safety, Mazzi Contractors helps homeowners assess their existing roofs and determine whether they have the ability to stand up to large amounts of snow.

Living in an area that receives a lot of snow requires homeowners to understand how much their home’s roof can handle. Having that knowledge allows homeowners to make the decision to clean snow off the roof or hire a professional to remove it.

Mazzi Contractors takes into consideration several factors when assessing the ability of a roof to hold snow. Some factors include damage, decay and other signs of weakness. Mazzi Contractors also follows the national safety guidelines, which states that a roof in good condition should be able to support approximately 20 pounds of snow per square foot.

In areas that receive high amounts of snow, the number of inches necessary to create that weight varies, because the layers may contain ice, wet snow or snow that is densely packed. Each of these issues may make the load of snow heavier.

Another aspect that should be considered is the angle, or slope, of the roof. A more steeply sloped roof will dispel snow faster, while flat or low-angled roofs will accumulate more.

To reduce risks to your home, take the time to clean snow off the roof during winter, or hire a professional to do the work. Contact Mazzi Contractors to replace an old or damaged roof before winter arrives.

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To learn more about any current specials, or to schedule roofing services before the snow arrives, please call Mazzi Contractors directly at (877) 629-9426 or visit www.mazzicontractors.com.



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